Carissaofthesea’s Top 30 Eras Tour Patch Outfits

It was March 17th, 2023, the day all Swifties had waited patiently for. This was the first show of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. After making it out of the Ticketmaster Great War alive, there was one thing left to do: figure out your Eras Tour outfit. In preparation for this highly anticipated weekend, we scoured the internet for outfit ideas we could DIY ourselves and purchased accessories, like iron-on patches, to help make our dream outfits come true. Regardless of how many you have, adding patches to any outfit automatically customizes and elevates the look. You can turn any jacket, shirt, pants, or garment you already have into an Eras Tour outfit of your dreams! Many Carissaofthesea customers picked a specific Era and bought their patches accordingly. There was also a handle full of denim jackets customized with patches from every Era: Debut, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989, Reputation, Lover, Folklore, Evermore, and Midnights. We can’t forget the famous green-sequined Reputation jacket that thousands of Swifties recreated and made their own! Read on to learn how to make your own green sequin reputation jacket, and in this post, you will learn patch tips and tricks that will make your life easier.

Here are Carissaofthesea’s top thirty Eras Tour outfits made with her patches:

The Green Sequin Replica


The green sequined Reputation Tour jacket is a famous Taylor Swift outfit to recreate. It’s also effortless to do! You need the sequined jacket, gold trim, and any patches you want! Amazon has several replicas of the sequin and beaded patches replicated from the original jacket. I offer over 50 different swiftie-themed patches for you to add to make the jacket your own. In the above photo, this customer ordered six original Carissaofthesea patches and six custom patches. She had several designs that she couldn’t find as patches, so she asked me if I could create them! Her jacket was definitely a labor of love and turned out amazing!

Patch Tip #1

Since the jacket has sequins all over it, you cannot iron-on the patches to it. The iron-on adhesive will not stick to the plastic sequins. It will melt! You can sew the patches on or super fabric glue them on. If you’ve been following me for the past year, you will hear me say repeatedly that I like super fabric glue over iron-on adhesive! Here is the link to purchase the glue:

It can be longer lasting than the iron-on backing, and it is 100% waterproof, so you don’t need to be afraid to wash your jacket with super fabric glued patches. Since you’re working so hard on your outfit, you want to ensure it lasts! Aleene’s Super Fabric Adhesive is my favorite glue for patches.

Patch Tip #2

Make sure to order your patches with NO backing. The super fabric glue sticks better when no shiny iron-on backing is on it. Watch my TikTok to learn more about this and see my easy glue hack:


Here are two more amazing green jacket replicas! Matthew purchased eight original Carissaofthesea patches, and Lyndsay ordered the large Rep Tour replica patch for the sleeve of her jacket. I love the long version of the jacket she created with the large felt & rhinestone snake on the back!




To make your own green sequin replica jacket, here’s a link to affordable items you can purchase on Amazon to get you started:

In my Amazon list, there are four different green sequin jacket options to choose from. There are several mid-length styles and one short jacket. I would love to see someone recreate the look using the short jacket, as I’ve never seen that before! Several swifties have purchased their jackets from ASOS, but the green one is sold out! You will also need to buy rose applique patches, a glittery gold crown, beaded heart patches, the super fabric glue, the large snake patch, gold sequin trim, and any other patches to make it your own. Amazon has a lot of excellent glitter and beaded patches, but all embroidered patches are very poor quality because they are mass-produced. You can read my reviews here and learn that my patches are high quality! You can also make a large snake out of black felt and add gold rhinestones like in the above photo.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to create your own custom patch for your project!

The Denim Patched Jackets




These customers created a unique denim jacket with two Carissaofthesea patch sets. One of the sets is the all-album titles (left photo), and the other is the all-album cassettes (right photo). Both sets come in a pack of ten and eleven, and if you purchase all of them, you receive a discount! You can also buy them individually if you are going for a specific eras theme. Amelia purchased all ten titles and added them to her hand-painted jacket! She did a fantastic job making it her own, and it’s the perfect swiftie jacket. The customer in the teal jacket also did an incredible job making her teal denim jacket, and I love the added rhinestone fringe to the arms!

Making your own concert denim jacket, is a simple process too! You can repurpose an old denim jacket you have or buy one at a thrift shop. I have linked my favorite jacket to use for patches here: It’s the Levi’s Ex-boyfriend Trucker Jacket, and I size up for a baggier fit. It’s high quality and comfortable. I also linked a second, lower-cost option that I have purchased in the past and love too! The fun part of making your patched denim jacket is personalizing it with any patches you want.

Patch Tip #3

Iron-on backing adheres great to 100% cotton denim jackets, so keep that in mind. As always, you can super fabric glue or sew them on instead; it’s just personal preference!




Here are three more examples of what you can do with the all-album cassette collection!




This adorable mother-daughter duo shows that you don’t need a lot of patches to make an outfit. They chose the anti-hero name tag patch as the focus, and the rhinestone fringe was the best touch! They also added the 2-inch lavender midnights cover on the other side to complement their Midnights theme.




These cuties went all out with their light-wash denim jackets! They ordered several Carissaofthesea patches, added rhinestones, their names, fringe, paint, etc., and made them their own. I hope you get inspired by these fantastic jackets to make your own!




Here are three more denim jackets to get inspiration from! Maria (middle photo) and Huyen (right) ordered a few custom patches from Carissaofthesea, and we were able to make their visions come to life! Maria also added the large replica rep tour patch and the lover house patch to the front of her jacket. Huyen purchased the cassette collection, and Madison (left) bought the coat of arms, meet me at midnight, green Cornelia St., long live dragon, cat ghost, the gold clock, and a custom eras city and date patch! The options are endless!




Here are two more denim jackets to get inspired by! The Carissaofthesea patches purchased in these photos are:
Left Photo
1. 2-inch speak now cover
2. Pink Cornelia St.
3. Cowboy ghost
4. Hearteye ghost
Right Photo
1. Large 1989 cover
2. Cat ghost
3. Cruel summer
4. Matte silver clock
5. Pink Cornelia St.
6. 2-inch fearless cover
7. 1989 sunglasses
8. I survived midnights mayhem with me




The final denim jacket I want to showcase is by Stephanie from She hand-painted the back and added gemstones to add extra sparkle. She also added patches, pins, trim, and hand-embroidered the ivy stem and the snake! She is so talented, and make sure to check out her shop! The Carissaofthesea patches she purchased were the three anti-hero ghosts (cowboy, hearteye, cat) and the 2-inch 1989 cover!


The Letterman Jacket




These girls made the ultimate eras letterman jacket! Kass’ Carissaofthesea patches she purchased was the pink Cornelia St., 4.5 inch green midnights cover, meet me at midnight, cowboy ghost, and the 1989 cassette. Carly purchased the green Cornelia St., cowboy ghost, and the lover snow globe patches. To attach the patches to a letterman jacket, I recommend gluing or sewing them on unless it’s 100% cotton!

The Ultimate Eras Pants




If I had to choose a favorite pair of Carissaofthesea patched pants, these would be it! She did a phenomenal job of keeping it simple yet so beautiful! The Carissaofthesea patches she purchased are the picture to burn, midnights title, debut title, green Cornelia St., 2-inch speak now cover, folklore album title, not a lot going on at the moment, fearless title, reputation title, 1989 title, speak now title, and the I survived the Great War patch.




Here are three more examples of what you can do with the album titles patch set on pants or a jumpsuit. I hope you enjoyed reading about my top thirty Eras Tour outfits and got inspired to create your own, even if you already went to your show! If you used any of my above patch tips or create your own outfit with Carissaofthesea patches, I’d love to see it!

If you made an outfit with Carissaofthesea patches and would like to be featured, send your photos to @carissaofthesea on Instagram. As always, if you have any questions about anything, please reach out!