Carissa Smith of Carissaofthesea

Hi, I’m Carissa! I like designing and creating simplistic but unique wall art that shows some personality! 

I’m an Arizona girl who loves all things water…ocean, lake, pool, and your neighborhood pond. My all-time favorite things to do is swim (like the competitive kind), stand up paddleboard, sail, sunbathe, and surf. I’ve incorporated all this within my shop name: CARISSA OF THE SEA! You can find me embroidering where the sun always shines with a homemade green juice or vegan treat in hand.

My love for sewing started as a young child. I would sew anything and everything…doll clothes, stuffed animals, bookmarks, and even clothes for myself. My Polish grandma was patient enough to teach me the simplicity of hand-sewn crafts. Once I got a little older, a Singer sewing machine handbook taught me the rest. This built the foundation for what I do today, embroider unique hoop art. I want to create the most meaningful and sentimental art that will leave an impact on those who see it. 

I’m known for my bestseller called the Plant Lady…this embodies another hobby of mine: PLANTS! My favorite plant is the golden pothos and the neon pothos. I know, they are some of the most common and basic houseplants, but I just love how they look hanging up on a wall with their long vines trailing down.

To accentuate my favorite plant’s vines, I was on the hunt for a minimal yet gorgeous and affordable plant hanger, but I simply could not find one that met my standards! As a result, I created it! You can find it here. 

As you can probably tell, I love creating things…so why don’t you stay a while and check out what I’ve been up to :).