Custom Patch Orders

Turn any design or logo into a custom patch!


No Order Minimum

There is no order minimum & wholesale pricing starts at 50+ quantity

Digitizing Fee

There is a one-time digitizing fee, turning the artwork into an embroidery file

Additional Patches

If you order additional patches of the same design in the future, there will be no digitizing fee

Patch Cost

Outside of the digitizing fee, there will be a price per patch. This price is for making the actual patch on an embroidery machine.

Total Cost

Your total custom quote will be based on complexity, background, required size, & stitch count

Patch Background

Choose your patch background: patch fabric (lower cost) or a fill-stitch background. Ask us about different fabric and color options! See a photo of the different patch backgrounds below. 

Patch Size

Unless otherwise stated, most patches will be around 3 inches

Patch Details

If the artwork has a lot of small details, the patch will be larger to improve the quality of the design